Reclaim your vehicle. Call us at 803-796-1467 BEFORE you come to pick up your vehicle.

In order to inquire about a vehicle, you must be able to tell us the VIN and/or license plate that matches the vehicle make/model/year/color.

  • Only the registered owner of the vehicle is allowed to remove belongings from the vehicle and/or claim the vehicle/remove it from our lot
  • Once a vehicle has been released it must be fully removed from the property
  • In order to pick up your vehicle, charges may include:
    • Tow fee
    • Daily storage
    • Special operations, such as winching, removing driveshaft, up-righting a vehicle,  etc.
    • Crash wrap and/or tarp to ensure your vehicle stays dry in the rain while it’s stored on our lot
    • Processing fees associated with services to gain information DMV and the local magistrate court
    • Gate fees when appropriate
    • Credit card convenience fees

If your vehicle was towed per order of the police violation, carefully read the following information based on which police jurisdiction was dispatched:

  • WEST COLUMBIA Police Department:  803-794-0721
    • Release form required to be picked up at West Columbia PD at West Columbia City Hall ( 200 12th Street, West Columbia, SC 29169) before you come to claim your vehicle
    • Vehicle will be towed to our Lexington location

****Charges associated with each jurisdiction may vary.  We do not set these prices. If you are not satisfied with the prices established by the local police jurisdiction that requested your vehicle to be towed, then discuss that matter with the police directly, or the local council members that approved those rates.

If your vehicle was involved in an accident, bring the FR-10 form (accident form) and a claim number

Even if with a claim number and/or FR-10 form you still may owe the tow bill fee in order to in order to remove personal items from the vehicle and/or re-claim your vehicle

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